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Career Options After B.Com

In the modern trend of Bachelor courses, B.Com is one of the most popular graduation course which is adopted by many of the youngsters in India. Choosing career options after much bachelor degree is one of the most important & conflicting thought which comes in every candidate’s mind. In order to make future in any one of the streams, Candidate much considers the priority & aim in his life his well. Because without any aim, the pathway or journey of the struggle is directionless & meaningless. 

In accordance to this thought, many of the candidates firstly ask their parents, few of them will approach to Google & some of the students will have already mindset ”What they have to do in Life’’. If you are one of the job seeker, which are immensely confused to access the Options in Career, then you are at the right place. To get over rid of the aspirants, we are here to suggest you some of the Career options which you can adopt in your life & are able to achieve your goal & fulfill the ambitions of your own. Our main motive via our articles on our website is to help you So that you will be the as successful person one day. As a result of it, make good assets for our society as well. We feel really proud that we have a Google family member like you.

Career Options After B.Com

Some of the Jobs Option is given under as follow:-

1.   Accountant: It is one of the most popular job options that have a lot of searching in Google. Many of the youth will make a mindset that after completing a bachelor in Commerce from the reputed university of India; they will make future in the stream line of work as an accountant in the reputed company. The paying scale in this job as per decided by the company based upon. The main work in this job is to manage the accounts that were associated with a company. Keeping all the record of money transactions & export/import of heavy goods & services in a systematic way. Every company which is not established initially will have a high demand for the accountants nowadays. Without an accountant, in a company will be like fish without water. So, if you are one of the candidates which have a goal to make future in this career then you have a correct & appropriate mindset as well.

2.   Tax Consultant: It is one of the jobs which you already get studied in the Bachelor degree in your college. If you are one of the aspirants which are looking for the job & you have recently completed your bachelor degree then you have a good career option that you will adopt. Many of the companies which have a huge amount of turnover per annum, will have a high demand for this job candidates. The paying Scale in this job is high. IT is not a mandatory condition that the candidate will work only with a particular private company, but also he can work with the government company as well. You can also have an option that you will have a right to get signed with the particular company as a Tax Consultant, in doing so you have paid by the company in the good amount as well.

3.   Banker: Banking sector is one of the most dynamic career options that are in trend nowadays. It has been seen that about 50 % of the students which done B.Com in India will access the banking sector in order to make a career, irrespective either it is private or government. The paying scale in this job is high. After 2 yrs of joining the candidate is able to take promotion & compete in the exam conducted by the bank against the job of higher authority officials. If you are one of the job seekers which have completed your degree in B.Com, & want to make the career in the banking sector then you must try to grab the job via competing in the exam. It has many benefits, like the bank official will get expenses of transport, medical & tour package every year. The main selection process is that the aspirant will have to compete in the exam as per conducted by the bank every year, in which numerous student will compete & the candidate must crack the Bank PO or clerical staff exam etc associated with the pin of interest of the aspirant. The last stage of selection is based upon the interview as well.

4.   Stock Broker: After completing the Bachelor degree in Commerce stream the candidate can also do some certificate courses of the Stock Trading in which the case studies & some knowledge of the Finance, Economics & mathematics be given to the student by the coaching Institutes. This will help you at much extent if you look after as Stock Broker in order to make future in this stream as well. It has an immense demand in the metro-politician cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Bombay, Calcutta etc. The paying Scale in this job is very high. The future scope in this career is bright as well. It is one of the most dynamic, earning the profit, & reputed job in India as well as in abroad also. If you consider Stock Broker as a career option, then you will be on the right track to achieve your goal & ambitions.

5.   Lecturer : If you are one of the candidates who had completed the Bachelor degree in commerce stream and you will not get job according to your qualification & interest of working skills, then you must do the Master Degree in Commerce stream by which you can make future as a Lecturer in any of the Indian reputed institution. The paying Scale in this job is very high. It has an additional concept of earning that is after college you can also start your own coaching center in which you can guide numerous of the students & can earn money a lot. This will enable to achieve your goal & fulfill the basic need of the livelihood in the daily day life. It is one of the most reputed & respectful jobs in our society. If you are of the thinkers which are considering the career option as a Lecturer then you are on the right track of success.

6.   Charted Accountant: IT is one of the most dynamic & high demanding Job. Many of the multinational companies will hire the Charted Accountant which has a high reputation in the society. The paying scale in this job is intense high. If you are one of the candidates who had recently completed your then you can also look after this job as a career option. You can also sign with the particular company or you can also start your career in Charted Accountant as a Freelancer. The future scope in this job is bright. If you have extraordinary working skills in this job, then you can also approach the abroad companies as a Company Secretary also.

7.   Government Jobs: You can also access the government jobs after completing your bachelor degree in Commerce. Government jobs include Banking Sector, Civil Services, and Lawyer etc. The demand for this job is very high, these jobs come under the category of highest paying Job. The main process to make the career in the government sector is that the candidate must complete the exam as per conducted by the government organization. The main selection process in this job is based upon the interview, in which the attitude at the mental & physical level is being checked it out by the higher authority officials of that government organization. The Future scopes in this job are glorious. It is one of the most reputed & respectful job sectors which you can try to make your future.

8.   Entrepreneurship: After completing B.Com, if you are one of the aspirants which are going to start a small business in the competitive market, then you can also give job options at different jobs title in your company, by which you can get help at much extent to bring up the ranking in the trading market. It makes developing the characters of an entrepreneur as well as it enhance the earning of money to your account. In doing so, you give the employment to the other person from which another employ will also get paid by you & the whole company turnover be increased as well. If you have a captaincy & good directing skills in terms of trading & executing the strategy by which you can bring your company to another level then you are one of the perfect & eligible candidates for this career option. The future scope in this job is immensely bright & glorious. You are free in this job, based upon your working skills & ability you can earn money in unaccountable amount. This makes you rich as well as enables you to chase your dream & fulfill the livelihood means by your own.

9.   Market Researcher: It is one of the most trending & high paying Scale jobs by which you can earn money in uncountable digits. If you one of the candidates who recently completed your bachelor’s degree in commerce stream then you can have an option to choose market researcher as a career option. If you likely put some effort in order of doing the job as a market researcher then you will definitely make your future bright in this job. The main function of a market researcher is to study the trend of trade in the competitive market, before launching any product in the market. The market researcher has a high demand by the multinational companies. They appoint the M.R in their company, So that in the welfare of the company hence more & more profit can be brought out by the Indian market of trading. The future scope in this career is good, as in the long-term goal as seen. Analyzing & Interpreting the strategies made out by the different experiments to the particular launching product is the main goal of the market researcher. As per your working ability & hard work if you are one of the extraordinary employees of the company, then under the 2 yrs of joining time period aspirant will get promoted to the higher official authority by the company as well.

Career Options After B.Com 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What are the subjects in B.Com…?
Human Resource Management.
Information Science.
International Business.
Marketing Management.
What are the Salary Packages for B.Com Holders in India….?

The Earning Program for the B.Com Holders is distinct, as per the stream line of careers. This wholly depends upon the skills & hard work of the candidate that will be exerted by the aspirant into his work that explore the beauty into spark.

What is the Future scope in B.Com…?

This is one of the most popular & well known career options in India, but the overall future scope for the B.Com Holder is good. This is one of the widest fields in different aspects of Jobs management related to Commerce stream.

Can B.Com Holder be making their career in Banking Industry….?
For the B.Com Holders, Banking Sector is one of the most prominent & well-known career options in India. If any candidate will approach the Banking sector, then it will be a fortunate fluky for them. 

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